My Mom Made Me Do It

Remember the carefree days of childhood in which your mom would DRAG you to garage sales, yard sales, antique stores? When she would stop at those pesky flea markets, and buy a giant vintage plow for her garden, and shove it in the Astro Van between you and your siblings on the way home from the cottage, making the over 2 hour drive home very uncomfortable?

No? That didn't happen to you?


Well, consider yourself unlucky, because it happened to me! Along with several other instances of her finding pieces she needed to bring home, and us having to make room in the vehicle.  

When I say my Mom was the best, she was the BEST.

Sad story: We lost her in 2018 after a long battle with cancer.

Another kind of sad story: This last year and a half I had my son, and had lost myself along the way, due to post partum and some other odds and ends, BUT thrifting always seemed to bring me back, and always felt/feels like home. So this is when I decided to turn that into a business. 

There are a lot of people who have gotten into resale for the overall profit, but I am in it for how it makes me feel. I am hoping to bring some of that feeling to you, by finding vintage items their forever homes.